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Wow I have been totally consumed by this doll making thing. I thought about it one day, got supplies for it the next and then feel into a deep abyss of crafting a la miniature. I carefully shaped the head using cotton stockinette and skin colored cotton interlock. Then I wove the hair onto the wig, which involved making a small hair colored crocheted cap for the doll and half hitching each hair into the scalp. next I had to make the body which surprisingly enough was the most challenging part for me! It took me a while but after a few missed meals and a lot of Papa taking care of Cedar I finally had a doll that I was happy with. If only the madness stopped there, then it was time for a miniature version of the jacket I made for Cedar this winter so she could match her new doll, and a sweet pair of reversible pants.  The best part about it is that every time Cedar sees her doll she squeals and hugs her close, I could not have thought up a better reaction.


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