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A list of my favorite newborn products!


This sweet little bonnet!





This adorable and super functional sleepsack.





These great swaddling blankets.





This perfect diaper cover.





This little handmade hat.





This wooden teether that looks like Papa’s home.





This amber necklace.




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This is my most recent baby doll! I love him.  It is so lovely to find a craft that I can settle into that so thoroughly pleases and satiates me. I have done so many different types of crafts and nothing quite grabbed me like doll making has. I feel so giddy when I put the finishing touches on a doll, only to find out they have a totally unique expression and personality from all the other ones I have made. I love the way this little guy looks all snuggled up in that grey wool, so peaceful and cute, I just want to snuggle right in there with him.  Now, I am off to make some more dolls, and order more velour!




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It’s a beautiful day in Portland, and later this afternoon we will be attending a beloved friends birthday party!


Today I am grateful for:

  • My dear sister in law who is getting married today! Love you Rose!!
  • The smell of blossoms in the air, and the patches of sunshine that burst through the clouds.
  • The work that I have found for myself that is both fulfilling and fun!
  • My sweet precocious daughter who is growing and changing every day.
  • The cherries that will cover the tree out my front door in a matter of weeks.
  • My patient loving husband who perseveres with me, in this wild, wooly, and wonderful thing, called marriage!


Today I am really into:

  • This inspiring blog, filled with Mama love and great ideas.
  • These new boots I bought, and absolutely adore!
  • This GREAT store filled with all the best little items for babies!!



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This is the dear little thing that I have been working on for the last couple days. I love her. She makes me smile, and she makes Cedar go wild saying “baybaybabybaybay” it really is too cute. I will have to make her one of her very own soon, however this one is going to go to some lucky kid out there in the world through etsy! Doll making has got me, I have fallen cute little stuffed head over heels for it.  It has been hard to get up enough inertia to leave the crafting table in order to write a blog post about what I have been up to.  It is amazing how quickly it has come to me, I feel like I was made to create these little cuties. I am wondering how Work at home moms get so much accomplished, as soon as I focus on making dolls it is like a bomb goes off in our house and there are toys EVERYWHERE and little toddler food messes and pots and pans spread from here to kingdom come. So I have pretty much relegated my crafting to baby sleep time, and I’ll tell you what, by the time I have a little space to create, there is no stopping me, today it took Cedar getting into my serger cabinet and pulling the spools off the caddy in order for me to realize it was time to set down the doll and refocus on being a Mama!  I know someday Cedar will understand why it is so important for me to keep up my creative projects, without them I feel like an empty blob, but when I am flexing my creative muscles I feel vibrant happy and alive. Thank goodness for this life and the ability to express myself creatively !

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New Doll!

I know I have been absent from this space for an unreasonable amount of time. I have been trying to formulate a business plan so I have been rather consumed in that. Right now Etsy seems to be my best bet for selling my stuff, considering I get to keep all the income and I can sell all the random little bits and bobs that I create.  I am working on a doll that is really making me happy right now, and I wanted to share her with you! I have not thought of a name for her yet, but I am sure it will come to me as I finish her up. I will be back with a full story for her and many more pictures when this one is done!!!


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