New Doll!

I know I have been absent from this space for an unreasonable amount of time. I have been trying to formulate a business plan so I have been rather consumed in that. Right now Etsy seems to be my best bet for selling my stuff, considering I get to keep all the income and I can sell all the random little bits and bobs that I create.  I am working on a doll that is really making me happy right now, and I wanted to share her with you! I have not thought of a name for her yet, but I am sure it will come to me as I finish her up. I will be back with a full story for her and many more pictures when this one is done!!!


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Waldorf Doll Making!

Wow I have been totally consumed by this doll making thing. I thought about it one day, got supplies for it the next and then feel into a deep abyss of crafting a la miniature. I carefully shaped the head using cotton stockinette and skin colored cotton interlock. Then I wove the hair onto the wig, which involved making a small hair colored crocheted cap for the doll and half hitching each hair into the scalp. next I had to make the body which surprisingly enough was the most challenging part for me! It took me a while but after a few missed meals and a lot of Papa taking care of Cedar I finally had a doll that I was happy with. If only the madness stopped there, then it was time for a miniature version of the jacket I made for Cedar this winter so she could match her new doll, and a sweet pair of reversible pants.  The best part about it is that every time Cedar sees her doll she squeals and hugs her close, I could not have thought up a better reaction.

First of all I had to share these with you! I made them for my forthcoming niece, she is due any day now and I just could not resist the urge to keep her feet warm with these lovely ribbed(so they will stay on those squirmy newborn feet) llama fleece socks. I just handed them over to my sister-in-law today and she loved them!They were super quick to whip up taking only a couple hours each and they are just so fuzzy and supple I know those little toes will love them. There is something about newborns that just makes me knit up a storm. I doubled up the yarn(as I love to do!) to make sure they would keep the freezing winter winds out! If you would like a hint on how to make these I will say this, I started with 30 stitches on 2mm double pointed needles and did a 1×1 rib all the way down to the toe except for the heel and sole of the sock. For the heel I used the same method as the sock pattern below, of course I made the heel a little shorter. Now onto the Eco-friendly wrapping paper options, for many of you this may be totally obvious, so you can just enjoy the lovely pictures. This post is for the ones who believe you have to go out and buy wrapping paper that has all sorts of harmful dyes and treatments in order to wrap a lovely Christmas gift. For these gifts I rummaged around in my recycled bag drawer and found a few good pieces of brown paper(no worries if there are a bunch of unsightly creases in them, all you have to do is crumple them up over and over again until you get a really nice wrinkled effect.Then, as you can see, I added a snowflake that I made from some scrap paper to this one.  I just love the delicate look of the finished product and I didn’t have to brave the elements, or spend any money to make it happen! My next idea was to use some fabric scraps from my unreasonably large collection of scraps(this use of them sure is validating me keeping them for so long, I actually used these same silk scraps on my hubby’s birthday gift last spring)Maybe its just me but the neutral colors of this gift wrap makes my heart so happy! I am so looking forward to bestowing these gifts on their ever so worthy recipients!

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Here I have finished putting the dolls head base together and I am preparing to add eyes, mouth and hair as you can see by the markers.This is my first doll and I am already brimming with ideas for my next one!

More pictures to come soon..

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Baby Stocking Pattern


1 skein sock weight yarn(I doubled up my yarn for a extra warm sock!)

1 set(4) 2mm double-pointed needles

Cast on 48 stitches and divide equally onto 3 needles(16 stitches on each)

Knit in the round.

1×1 rib stitch for the first 8 rows

First decrease:

Row 9: *knit 2 together, knit to the end of the needle, knit 2 together, knit to the end of the needle, knit 2 together, knit to the end of the row*

Rows 10-16: Stockinette stitch

Row 17: *Decrease row*

Rows 18-24: Stockinette stitch

Row 25: *Decrease row*

Row 26-32: Stockinette stitch

Row 33:*Decrease row*

(at this point you should have 12 stitches on each needle)

Row 34-40: Stockinette stitch

Row 41: *Decrease row*

Row 42-48: Stockinette stitch

Row 49:*Decrease row*

Row 50-56: Stockinette stitch

Row 57: *Decrease row*

Row 58-64: Stockinette stitch

Row 65: Knit 2 together and knit to the end of the row

(now here is where it gets a little complicated)

At this point you should have a total of 26 stitches, and you will split them in half on 2 needles(13 on each). I did it so that one of the decrease lines came right down the center of the heel.


wrong side: Purl

right side: Slip one, Knit one, slip one, knit one…..all the way

wrong side: purl

repeat the last 3 steps 3 times, until you have a heel flap that is about 1.5 inches. This will give you a almost ribbed look which will make for a really durable heel.

Now to turn the heel:

right side: slip one, knit to the center, knit one, slip one, knit one and now pass the slipped stitch over the one you just knitted to make a decrease, knit one more and now turn your work around to the wrong side.

wrong side: slip one, purl to the center, purl one, purl 2 together, purl one and turn your work again.

right side: slip one, knit to just before your last decrease, slip one, knit one, pass the slipped stitch over the one you just knitted, and knit one more. turn your work.

(what you are doing here is making the little cup that the heel rests in, it seems weird but it will turn out ok)

keep decreasing each side over the gap that is created by the last decrease and you will get to the edge of the flap on both sides, your last rows should have you decreasing the last two stitches on each side, creating a little curved cup.

Now you will pick up the the stitches on the sides of the heel.

you will knit to the end of the heel flap and then keep knitting up the side of the flap picking up 6 sts as you go, then you will knit across the top of the sock and back down the other side of the heel flap picking up 6 more sts.  Now you can divide the heel stitches onto 2 needles. like so…

Heel Shaping:

starting at the bottom of the heel

knit to 3 sts before the end of the first needle, K2tog, knit one

knit across the instep

knit one, slip one, knit one and pass the slipped one over the knit one knit to the end of the needle.

now do a plain round without any decreases.

repeat these steps until you have done 4 decrease rounds, leaving 24 sts total.


Knit in the round until the foot is about 2 inches long, or if you have the little foot present until it comes to the base of the big toe.

Toe Decrease:

knit to 3 sts before the end of the first needle, k2tog, k1, k1, s1,k1, psso, knit to 3sts before the end of the top of the sock k2tog, k1, k1, s1, k1, psso knit to the end of the row

knit a plain row(so as not to decrease too fast

another decrease row

another plain row

one more decrease then you will knit to the side of the sock and slip the sts onto 2 needles evenly

kitchener stitch the two side together and you have yourself a sock! Here is a tutorial for kitchener in case you are not sure how to do it.


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Winter Socks for Cedar

So I have been wanting to make socks for a while and I figured, what better way to start than with little bitty baby socks! I have made only one so far so I cannot say I am there yet,but with one down the next somehow seems like it will be a breeze! I really wanted to make her knee socks considering most baby socks sit somewhere around the ankle and they are ALWAYS slipping off, no matter my how I try. These will sit just below her knee and with tights under them will keep her toes and feet toasty warm when the temperatures drop below freezing. They are made with a supple baby llama sockweight yarn on 2mm double pointed needles.I will try to put together the pattern for these in the next few days. They look kind of weird off of her foot but are totally adorable on.

Stella Pixie Hat!

I made this hat from a little more that one skein of beautiful silk/merino blend yarn.  It is a fast project coming together in just one day! I have gotten more compliments on this hat than any other knit project I have done for her. Not to mention that it can be next to impossible to get a hat to stay on the head of a baby, but the chin strap really does the trick.  You can even push the hat off her head while leaving the strap buttoned just like a hood.It is remarkably easy to make and is SO very cute on that I must recommend this hat for anyone wanting to make a sweet gift for a little one. You can find the pattern for free here.  I used bulkier yarn than they called for so I reduced my initial number of stitches to 86, I would recommend doing a gauge check before diving into it. It can be pretty complicated trying to knit with such an active little munchkin around, but I somehow find the time to actually finish projects now and then. I have been loving my new found access to the ravelry network what a wonderful place!

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